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Driveway Cleaning Service in Scottsdale, Arizona

Does your driveway have tire marks, oil, dirt and debris all over it? Wash Patrol Scottsdale specializes in driveway cleaning services. We use 4000 PSI and 240 degree steam to melt and blast away any and all debris! Don't be the sore thumb in your community! Keep your driveway clean regularly with our Dirt Defense maintenance packages!

HOA On Your Back?

Our power washing Patrolmen can successfully remove oil stains and transmission fluids from your driveway. Our power washing Patrol will have your dirty driveway looking new again in no time!

Sgt. Sudds Oil Arrest

We use our own line of Sgt. Sudds Oil Arrest products to reduce oil stains and enzyme treat the pores of your concrete.

Rust Stains On Your Driveway?

We use our own line of Sgt. Sudds Resist-A-Rust to remove rust stains or battery acid stains from your concrete. Defeat Rust with Sgt Sudds and Wash Patrol Scottsdale!

Professional Driveway Cleaning Company Scottsdale, AZ

Driveway cleaning is a specialized craft only fit for Academy trained power washing professionals! Wash Patrol Scottsdale has been through a vigorous training regiment to defeat any driveway oils, debris and stains that may come its way. With our Dirt Defense programs Wash Patrol can keep your driveway clean all year long! Power washing a driveway can remove:
  • Motor Oils
  • Transmission Fluids
  • Paint Spills
  • Paint Over Spray
  • Tire Marks
  • Dirt & Debris
  • Gum
  • Spills from Drinks
  • Mold & Mildew
  • Trailer Marks
  • Rust Stains

Wash Patrol | Scottsdale's Elite Driveway Cleaning Service


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