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Our "Preserve & Serve" Oath

Wash Patrol isn't your typical power washing company, we are a Squad of Academy trained washing experts. All of our Patrolmen are trained in a rigorous one month pressure cleaning training course called the Academy.

Before graduating from the Academy all Wash Patrolmen must pledge an oath to swear their allegiance to Preserve and Serve! Graduates of the Academy become Rookie Patrolmen in our power washing force, and work their way up the ranks all the way to Sargeant.

You can trust our Wash Patrolmen to Preserve and Serve for your property and community. We live by our Squad's oath, "Your Property Has the Right to Remain Spotless!"

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Exterior Dirt Defense

Call or contact us today for a free property inspection to protect your property! We love referrals! Tell your neighbor about our Dirt Defense packages and help keep your entire community safe from dirt & grime invasion.