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Will Pressure Washing Damage Concrete?


Pressure washing is a common exterior cleaning method that is universally accepted as the most common way to clean exterior concrete surfaces. But is pressure washing to concrete safe? Can pressure washing damage concrete?
The answer may surprise you!

Pressure washing can definitely damage concrete, if cleaned incorrectly! So the answer is yes, pressure washing can most definitely damage concrete. In fact, a very large percentage of first time users with pressure washers will end up damaging their concrete to the point where it is irreversible! So how does this happen and why?

Lack of experience is the most common reason to damage concrete with a pressure washer. That is why we highly recommend hiring a professionally trained pressure washing service company to clean the exterior concrete of your property for you. Usually concrete is damaged with the user of the pressure washer uses the wrong tip on the end of the wand. The tips on the wand provide spray angles for the water to shoot out. There is many different spray angles available on pressure washers and most common tips include: 40, 25, 15, 0 degree tips. The safest tip to use to lessen the chances of damaging the concrete would be the 40 degree angle tip which is commonly color coded white.

Once the cream of the concrete has been “etched” or damaged by the pressure washer the concrete can never be repaired without a skim coat of concrete or replacing the concrete entirely. This is why Wash Patrol, a power washing franchise, puts all its franchisees through a vigorous 1 month academy training program! We ensure we never damage or etch your concrete.

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