Garage & Driveway Cleaning in Troon Scottsdale, Arizona


Is your residential garage full of dirt, dead bugs, and oil stains? Well you are not alone! Wash Patrol Scottsdale cleans hundreds of garages and driveways in the Scottsdale, Arizona area daily. We have a detailed process that includes many cleaning steps. Below is the list of cleaning steps Wash Patrol takes when cleaning your residential garage:

Steps to Cleaning a Residential Garage

1. Sweep and push all debris off of top surface of your garage floor.
2. Apply a bio-degradable degreaser to heavily oil or soiled stained areas.
3. Scrub the degreaser in very thoroughly.
4. Connect our Surface Cleaner to our power washer and Surface Clean your garage floor with steaming hot water when necessary.
5. Use our Wand tool to rinse all the dirt and debris brought out during the Surface Cleaning.
6. Squeegee the floor and wipe down any wet walls

How to Prepare for a Garage Cleaning?
Garage cleaning requires many steps for the homeowner to follow to have the garage ready for their power wash Patrolman when he arrives. Below is a list of steps that should be completed by homeowners before receiving pressure washing services to their garage floors:
a. Remove all large and small items from the garage this includes:
-(Anything that water can damage)
b. Remove all hanging items from walls below 36 inches from the ground
c. Make sure to park your cars on the street to not block the Wash Patrolmen

How often should I clean my garage floor?

Wash Patrol Scottsdale recommends getting your garage floor cleaned every 6 months or 2 times per year. This recommendation comes directly from Sgt. Sudds himself! We believe that bi-annual garage floor cleanings will keep your garage maintained all year long. Arizona gets very dusty and dirty and this is why Wash Patrol patrols the city of Scottsdale, we are here for you for your driveway and garage cleaning needs!


How much does a garage cleaning cost?

Residential garage cleaning prices can range widely depending on the condition of the garage and the size of the garage. Typical 2 car garages range from $200-$300 in price, while a 4-8 car garages can run a homeowner between $350-$800 depending on the condition the garage floor is in pre-cleaning. For a free quote on your next residential garage cleaning call: (480) 500-0332 or visit us on the web at:

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