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Rust Removal Service in Scottsdale, Arizona

Can you remove rust from concrete?


At Wash Patrol Scottsdale we can highly reduce rust stains and often we are able to remove all of the stains from your concrete on your driveway, walkways or curbs. Orange rust stains do develop frequently in the Scottsdale, Arizona area. Common causes for orange rust stains on concrete are:

✅ Golf Cart Batteries
✅ Sprinklers
✅ Metallic Building Materials
& More!

How do you remove rust stains?

Wash Patrol Scottsdale uses our proprietary rust removal product called Sgt. Sudds Resist-A-Rust. The product is applied safely and rinsed thoroughly before we leave the property. When applied by an experienced Wash Patrolmen, Resist-A-Rust is an effective product to detain the stains on your property!
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