Sidewalk Gum Removal Scottsdale

Commercial Power Washing Services in Scottsdale, Arizona

Wash Patrol Scottsdale is Scottsdale, Arizona’s elite power washing service company! Our Patrol Chief is a native Scottsdalian and has been power washing in Scottsdale since 2007. We offer commercial power washing services to a variety of local businesses in the area. We specialize in commercial power washing and steam cleaning for sidewalks, concrete and walkways.

Do you have gum and gum stains riddling your property?
Wash Patrol Scottsdale uses 4000 PSI and 250 degree steam to melt the gum away. Don’t hire inexperienced power washers that are going to etch and damage the concrete cream sealant! Hire academy trained professionals at the Wash Patrol to maintain your commercial establishment all year long!

Types of Commercial Properties We Service in Scottsdale:
✅ Restaurants
✅ Bars & Nightclubs
✅ Fast Food
✅ Hotels & Hospitality
✅ Retail Centers
✅ Shopping Plazas
✅ Property Management

Commercial Property Services We Offer:
✅ Concrete Cleaning
✅ Gum Removal
✅ Sidewalk Cleaning
✅ Dumpster Pad Cleaning
✅ Patio Cleaning
✅ Building Washing
✅ Awning Cleaning
& More!

Call Wash Patrol Scottsdale today to sign up for our Dirt Defense property maintenance service packages!
480-500-0332 ☎️

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